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YOUTH'N UP Your life

authored by
Dr. David Demko, Clinical Gerontologist

copyright: 1998, U.S. Library of Congress, ISSN 1088-5889
Dr. David J. Demko, editor-in-chief

    When life throws you a curve, turn it into a learning curve, like a rainbow on your horizon, guiding you toward success.

    Retirement is more a state of mind than a stage of life.
    Lifelong Learning is the vital sign that can accelerate the pulse of your life.
    People retire. Minds don't.
    If people lived forever ...
    they would take forever to get anything done.

    Freedom without accountability is chaos.
    Any one dumb enough to believe he evolved from an ape ...
    probably did.
    Retirement is the best time to stop ... acting your age.
    The quest for eternal youth does not appear to be a very mature goal because the goal negates the value of the quest.


    Each day of retirement should be the same as the next ...
    wake up, and try something new.
    Your life counts when others can count on you.
    Obesity has turned America into a big waist-land.
    Mention the middle east, and most Americans think ...
    you are talking about Chicago.
    Doctors give annual prostate test two thumbs up.
    An optometrist is a student of the pupil.

    If you cannot change your life, then
    why not change the way you live it?
    Diversity makes every race a winner.
    Our faith in science adds years to our life.
    Our faith in God adds life to our years.
    Do not curse your competitors. They are the reason for your constant improvement.
    Smart people answer questions. Wise people question answers.
    Why you age is up to nature. How you age is up to you.


    The quest for eternal youth is not a mature goal.
    The most intolerant minds belong to those who advocate tolerance.
    Reigns of terror grow nothing but the seeds of discontent.
    Micro-management is the trademark of a micro-mind.
    On July 4th, Americans shoot firecrackers instead of each other. The event is limited to one day per year, because firecrackers are more strictly controlled than handguns.
    The secret to eternal life? God only knows.
    Those who think nice guys always finish last, apparently do not know where to draw the line.
    People look up to those who stand for something.
    The best newspapers report the news in a manner they believe will make their readers well-read. The worst newspapers report the news in a manner they believe will make their newspaper well-read.


    Freedom does not ring from dumb-bells. Stay in school.
    Make-up is the easiest way to appear younger. When asked your age, just make-up a number.
    Human aging compensates for every loss. As women lose their looks, men lose their vision.
    Retirement is the best time to stop acting your age.
    Health hath no fury like an HMO.
    Some people spend so much time trying to improve their life ... there is no time left to enjoy it.
    Successful retirement depends on what you retire to, not from.
    Ignorance is the fertilizer that makes prejudice grow.


    Planning makes retirement work.
    The process that makes you old is not the broadening of your age but the narrowing of your mind.
    Between 1900-2000, time spent in retirement rose one thousand percent, 14 months to 15 years.
    Winners find an excuse for working hard. Losers find an excuse for hardly working.
    The Electronic Age has created three kinds of news: good news, bad news, and non-news (the results of on-line polls).
    If you will not try until you are absolutely ready, all you will ever achieve is a state of readiness.

    The computer's cursor is the person trying to use it.
    Failure results from trying to please countless people. Success results from pleasing people who count.
    Those who CAN, do. Those who CANNOT, teach. Those incapable of either, get put in charge.
    75% of all problems in later life are the result of lifestyle, not the process of aging.
    Holiday gift shopping is an excellent example of present-tense action.
    If you do not start somewhere you will end up nowhere near anywhere.


Copyright 1974 - 2017, David J. Demko,