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Research Updates
  1. Elders, Age 100-127 Years Report How to Live 100 Long and Like It

  2. Blood Cells May Hold Key to Anti-aging - DNA functions as an Age Timekeeper"

  3. Eldercare Impacts the Workplace - Harvard Business School research

  4. The New Million-Dollar Boomer? - new organs for old bodies

  5. The Quintessential Nutrient for Optimal Aging - water, you drinking?

1. Elders, Age 100-127 Years, Report How to Live Long and Like It
Based on analyzing the results of 100 interviews with extremely long-lived people, this ethnographic study shares their secrets for a long, happy and healthy life. Read the Top 10 things centenarians say helped them live longer.

A 106-year-old reported she, "never smoked, drank, cussed, lied or chased cowboys!" Film producer, Woody Allen once said, "A life without wine, women, and song ... isn't necessarily longer, it just seems a lot longer."

The centennarians reported longevity secrets based on folklore, and many others relied on strategies that are supported by longevity research literature.

This study was sponsored by A PLACE FOR MOM, the on-line senior living service, helping caregivers secure housing and care to ensure optimal aging and healthy longevity for their family members.
Read the full report
AgeVenture News Service,

2. Blood Cells May Hold Key to Anti-aging
Researchers found human blood cells have an intrinsic clock that remains steady even after transplant. The researchers say the clock could control human aging.

"This study is related to the fountain of youth," says lead researcher, Dr.Matsuyama. "We found young blood cells stay young in older people. There was no accelerated aging of young blood cells in an older human body." The cells retained their intrinsic age nearly two decades after transplant.

The DNA age of human cells is also used to predict the risk of age-associated diseases, such Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease. Medical Researchers, Horvath and Matsuyama discovered, in an earlier study, that DNA Age is significantly accelerated in Progeria patients who suffer from premature aging.

In related news, rock star members of the Rolling Stones Band have long been rumored to have experimented with blood transfusion for enhanced health and medical purposes.

However, medical researchers are quick to caution that the relationship between human blood and anti-aging remains speculative, requiring much further study and future clinical trials.
READ the research report from Case Western Reserve Medical School.
AgeVenture News Service,

3. Eldercare Impacts the Workplace: Harvard Business research
A most timely report on an effective approach to eldercare, with attention to multiple vantage points and concerns of employer, employee, family caregivers and elders.

"Employees donít get the support they need for their caregiving responsibilities and employers pay the hidden costs, including turnover, rehiring, presenteeism, and absenteeism."

The report, "The Caring Company" offers business perspectives on the challenges employees face as family caregivers, as well as, strategic options proven to sustain worker productivity.

"A business without an effective caregiver policy in today's competitive environment is like trying to win the Indy 500 in a car with flat tires.

AgeVenture News recommended reading for business leaders.
READ the "Caring Company" report
AgeVenture News Service,

4. The New, Million-Dollar Boomer?
Harvard bio-engineers report landmark research that just might pave the way for a futuristic rejuvenation industry. The future product, new organs for old bodies. The scientists have successfully created mini-organs, called organoids, in the form of vital body parts, like the human kidney.

As you might expect from such extraordinary research projects, there are more than a few glitches to solve. One such glitch is the new organoids are extremely tiny. Second, these organoids are not yet capable of survival outside the laboratory.

The project is still in rudimentary stages. Yet, the discovery and it's future, far-off implications are sure to generate dynamic and vociferous debates in the communities of science, business, ethics and public opinion. So, stay tuned-in for more updates.
Read details of the research report online.
AgeVenture News Service,

5. The Quintessential Nutrient for Optimal Aging and Healthy Longevity
Water is the Rodney Dangerfield on anti-aging nutrients ... it gets No Respect. It's the essential and number one nutrient fostering good health and anti-aging. However, most anti-aging experts, including health and medical professions, rarely mention it, ignoring its life-enhancing value.

Below are just three of the many reasons why this statement is scientifically supported in the peer-reviewed research literature. Google it, and you'll see. It's enough to make you drink ... more water.

CELLULAR NEEDS Maintenance of intra-cellualar osmotic pressure ensures the flow of vital fluids and nutrients throughout the body moisturizing the skin, cushioning connective tissue, softens stooll, and allows for a variety of complex chemical interactions involved in the multitude of body functions.

COGNITION NEEDS The brain averages 70-80% water, and hydration ensures proper cognitive functions (memory, problem-solving, learning). For example, alcohol consumption, during afterwork Happy Hour, eventually dehydrates the brain, causing the next morning's what is hang-over. headaches triggered by dehydration.

BODY DETOX NEEDS Filtration of the body's blood, by the kidneys, helps removes toxics that are excreted via urination, that's why urine-color in well hydrated people is more clear than the darker/yellowish color of less hydrated people. Water is essential to this detox process.

NOW WHAT? Here's what to do to ensure optimal aging, each day should start with drinking water to hydrate your body.

HOW MUCH WATER DO I NEED? Forget about the one-size-fits-all adage. Humans come in all sizes, shapes and gender, requiring a more scientific approach to hydration. Determine your daily hydration needs by dividing your body weight (in pounds) by 2, which equals the number of ounces of water you need each day. For each 30-minutes of exercise, drink an additional 4-8 ounces of water.

WATER, YOU DRINKING? If not, you should be. That is, if you want to live a longer, more healthy life.

Are you a BOOMER, or a ZOOMER?
AgeVenture News Service,


Trending News and Views
Why Womenís Clothing Sizes Arenít What They Used to Be (Wall Street Journal, 05/25/2019)
The way I see this issue ...
Obesity in no joke, but the fashion industry is making it one, re-branding clothing sizes so the obese will feel good about themselves. This Size-Surprise-trend is yet another enabling guise which ignores the life-threatening dangers of obesity.

We all pay dearly for this irrational trend. The obese pay in higher morbidity and mortality rates. The public pays in higher health insurance rates, due to higher health risks in the insurance pool.

Re-branding obesity as a fashion statement fools no one, and hurts everyone. It's never a bad time to do the right thing. Time to stop enabling this dangerous trend.
AgeVenture News Service,

Social Security: A Crisis of Courage for Legislators and Their Constitutents
Retirement and its initial age of entitlement, 65, were long ago imposed on society. These days, we assume both Congress and its constituency operate on the basis of common sense and logic. Neither of which are true.

People understand that saving money for retirement is imperative,yet they fail to prepare. Legislators know that personal savings for retirement would solve a lot of social ills, as well as, keep Social Security pensions and Medicare solvent. Yet, insolvency is a reality.

Many people are not governed by logic and common sense, ignoring speed limits, red lights and stop signs. Likewise, politicians do what gets them re-elected, not necessarily what is necessary for the safety, security, and prosperity of our nation.

Are people and politicians evil? No, they are subject to human natureís propensity for self-survival. Doing what is urgently necessary is not always popular or possible by politicians or their constituencies. It's human nature, and we know how illogical that is.
AgeVenture News Service,

USA Borders Are Full of Holes: literally and legally
ďHoney, Iím home.Ē For the wave after wave of illegals who manage to penetrate the US border, that statement is both factual and prophetic.

Itís factual because our convoluted, pretzel-like immigration policy guarantees illegals will feel right-at-home as they win a Mother Load of free health and welfare benefits. Itís prophetic because, once comfortably nested in the USA, they start transforming their new-homeland into a mirror-image of the old-homeland from which they came.

One wonders why illegal aliens come to the USA in the first place, if they want to transform the USA into the very place from which they came. Itís all such a mess. If I applied to a dozen nations, asking for sanctuary status, plus free health and welfare benefits.

What are my chances of getting just one reply? Immigration has always made America strong, when the process is sane. However, when the process is insane, itís not the American Dream; itís our worst nightmare.
AgeVenture News Service,

Socialism's Ugly Side of Equality
Come along with me, the worst is yet to be, as socialism creates absolute equality.

Socialism has always promised the people a Free Lunch, a.k.a. the Feast of the Golden Goose, which guarantees a moment of equally shared bounty, inevitably followed by an eternity of equally shared misery.

Why does socialism remain so appealing, despite it's continued history of failure? In the Land of the Gullible, the short-minded are Kings.
AgeVenture News Service,

New York City Politics Makes Middle Class a Dying Breed
The Big Apple's middle-class faces extinction as astronomical rise in cost-of-living re-writes Sinatra's legendary anthem, "You can make it there, but you gotta be a billionaire, New York, New York."

The governor's anti-business policies seems to defy all logic. When your ship is sinking, it is not a good idea to poke another hole in the ship's hull, so the water can go back out." I think I read that some where.
AgeVenture News Service,

Bilingual Bigotry: two languages one too many
Should America have more than one language? That's a rhetorical question. Americans already speak a rich diversity of many languages.

Should America have more than one "official" language, two or more lanuages used by government to communicate voter registration, ballots, driver's license tests, classroom instruction, public buildings, street signs, and so on?

Absolutely not. That would be bigotry, a practice square set against our Constitution which ensures equality of treatment for all Americans.

As soon as you pick what will be the nation's second language, then you've excluded all the other languages spoken in America. Greek, German, Nigerian, Spanish, French, Slavic, Creole, Chinese, Italian, Swedish, Thai, Japanese, Portuguese, Apache and the list goes on and on.

I am a first-generation American. My second language is Czech, and I'm proud of my heritage. I also respect the value of our nation's cultural diversity. For example, I also respect the cultural heritage that can be experienced in China Town in San Francisco, Greek Town in Detroit, The French Quarter in New Orleans, Little Italy in New York, Cleveland's multi-ethnic West-Side Market, San Antonio's Hispanic Culture, the mid-west's Amish Communities, and so forth. I am drawn to the joy of experiencing cultures different from my own.

I have no right to advocate a bi-lingual system for America (English-Czech). That would be disrespectful of the equal value of all cultures. Advocating bi-lingualism would mean that I am intolerant. It would make me a bigot. Where is the spirit of "United We Stand" in a divisive system that selects one ethnic group over all others?

Disrespect and bigotry are not the only negatives associated with bi-lingualism. Bi-lingualism is a waste of society's resources. How is it wasteful? Well, you've got to print every public document in two languages, teach school in two languages, paint road-signs in two languages, print an official explanation of the bi-lingual social policy in ... you guessed it ... two languages. Waste. Waste. And, more waste. Social resources that are needed elsewhere in society.

If Americans believe in diversity or multi-culturalism, as I most surely do, then let's spend tax dollars on programs that benefit every ethnic group in America, not just one.

Where do we begin? Well, for starters, how about spending tax dollars on health research that can explain why life-expectancy is so varied among ethnic groups in America. For example, there are ethnic differences in the risks to disease, illness, and death. Some ethnic groups will never fully benefit, as a group, from the programs and services provided by the nation's Older American's Act ... because they will not live long enough to get those benefits.

Good health and longevity are not equal opportunity events for every American. If the nation truly cares about ALL it's people, then let's commit to that belief, and commit our social policies to equalizing, not separating, the diverse cultures in America.

The next time you hear some bilingual proponent try to defend his position by stating that the Constitution doesn't mention language, call his attention to the fact that the Constitution is written in English. That's the language we all speak, reserving our second languages for our private lives. A small concession to make for the many freedoms all Americans are entitled to share, equally.
AgeVenture News Service,