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... Dr. David Demko news placements in the global print and broadcast media ... as seen in AARP, Glamour, Maxim, Reader's Digest, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, New York Times .... ... author of ZOOMERS, boomers with zip ... as reported by NBC Today, Fox News, CBS, PBS, NPR, BBC ....
The New Retirement
Dr. Demko profiles J-Lo, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Garner
Dr. Demko returns to  SONY Life & Style Talk Show
As seen on Fox&Friends in the Morning
Readers Digest UK Edition
Demko coins new term, Zoomers, to describe affluent boomers
Blender magazine 08-06
NPR Weekend Edition
Marie Claire Magazine
Celebrity Life Spans - HOW LONG WILL THEY LAST?
Here Come the ZOOMERS
Clear Channel Cable
New Ways to Think About Aging
Talk Radio
Toronto TV Channel One
Fashion for Fifty-Plus
Retirement Planning
Re-inventing Retirement
Senior Travel
The Death Calculator
The Age-Audit for Business
Senior Center Research
FM104 Dublin Ireland
70's Rock Talk Radio
Detroit Free Press
San Diego Tribune
India and Asia News
Active Retirement Lifestyles
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Columbus Dispatch 05-04-27
Sunday Times South Africa
Talk Radio
Chapter: Aging Education Continuum
Active Lifestyles
Atlanta Journal Constitution Glory days for boomers
Winston-Salem Journal North Carolina
Blender Magazine 12-04
Senior Sales Impressions
Boca Raton News
Baltimore Sun 10-03-06
O'Reilly Factor Mail
Death Clock Predicts Life-expectancy
NPR Topical Currents
Cover Story: The Death Calculator
Boom Magazine
marketing to Zoomers
AgeVenture's Demko - promoter of longevity
An Exercise in Longevity
Live Longer
How Long Will You Live?
AgeVenture co-produced two shows
Yahoo News
Age-Audit for Senior Friendly Business
Headlines News
Boomer Entrepreneurs
FM98 Dublin Ireland
Blender columnist, Dr. Demko estimates celebrity life-expectancies
Five Live Broadcasts featuring The Death Calculator
The New Generation Gap
Rock Star Death Dates
Rock Star Death Dates
London Daily Express
WOWO News Talk Radio
Delta Sky Magazine
New Job, New Life
Boca Raton Power People
ABC News Talk
Smart for Business
CBS TV Countdown to Death
Inflight Nov 2009
910 Talk Radio 11-06
Los Angeles Times 11-06
Consumer's Digest 01-05
Dr Demko coins Zoomers
Globe June 11 2007
Memory Exercises
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune