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Dr David Demko, Clinical Gerontologist

Dr David Demko, Clinical Gerontologist
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We live in phenomenal times, made possible by unprecedented growth of new knowledge about optimal aging, healthy longevity and active retirement. That's the good news.

The bad news is nearly half of all published research is not trustworthy, as reported by the nation's scientific leadership (National Academy of Sciences 2017, American Association for Advancement of Science 2017). And, the data errors are much higher in behavioral science research (NIA 2017, Center for Open Science 2017).

Without trustworthy data sources for planning and strategizing, success in the 50-plus economy is virtually impossible.

Today’s mature consumers are more sophisticated. They are better educated, more affluent, and have high expectations for products and services that help them stay healthy enough, keep active enough, and live long enough to enjoy their retirement.

Since 1974, I’ve collaborated with writers, editors and producers of age-related print and broadcast media by vetting knowledge sources to ensure data accuracy and thematic authenticity.

Success in the senior market depends on direct access to an expert guide, one with unsurpassed credentials, experience and success.