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Research Updates
1. Elders, Age 100-127 Years Offer Longevity Advice - Live Long and Like It

2. Blood Cells May Hold Key to Anti-aging - DNA functions as an Age Timekeeper"

3. Eldercare Impacts the Workplace - Harvard Business School research

4. The New Million-Dollar Boomer? - new organs for old bodies

5. The Quintessential Nutrient for Optimal Aging - water, you drinking?
1. Elders, Age 100-127 Years, Report How to Live Long and Like It
Based on analyzing the results of 100 interviews with extremely long-lived people, this ethnographic study shares their secrets for a long, happy and healthy life. Read the Top 10 things centenarians say helped them live longer.

A 106-year-old reported she, "never smoked, drank, cussed, lied or chased cowboys!" Film producer, Woody Allen once said, "A life without wine, women, and song ... isn't necessarily longer, it just seems a lot longer."

The centennarians reported longevity secrets based on folklore, and many others relied on strategies that are supported by longevity research literature.

This study was sponsored by A PLACE FOR MOM, the on-line senior living service, helping caregivers secure housing and care to ensure optimal aging and healthy longevity for their family members.
Read the full report
AgeVenture News Service,

2. Blood Cells May Hold Key to Anti-aging
Researchers found human blood cells have an intrinsic clock that remains steady even after transplant. The researchers say the clock could control human aging.

"This study is related to the fountain of youth," says lead researcher, Dr.Matsuyama. "We found young blood cells stay young in older people. There was no accelerated aging of young blood cells in an older human body." The cells retained their intrinsic age nearly two decades after transplant.

The DNA age of human cells is also used to predict the risk of age-associated diseases, such Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease. Medical Researchers, Horvath and Matsuyama discovered, in an earlier study, that DNA Age is significantly accelerated in Progeria patients who suffer from premature aging.

In related news, rock star members of the Rolling Stones Band have long been rumored to have experimented with blood transfusion for enhanced health and medical purposes.

However, medical researchers are quick to caution that the relationship between human blood and anti-aging remains speculative, requiring much further study and future clinical trials.
READ the research report from Case Western Reserve Medical School.
AgeVenture News Service,

3. Eldercare Impacts the Workplace: Harvard Business research
A most timely report on an effective approach to eldercare, with attention to multiple vantage points and concerns of employer, employee, family caregivers and elders.

"Employees donít get the support they need for their caregiving responsibilities and employers pay the hidden costs, including turnover, rehiring, presenteeism, and absenteeism."

The report, "The Caring Company" offers business perspectives on the challenges employees face as family caregivers, as well as, strategic options proven to sustain worker productivity.

"A business without an effective caregiver policy in today's competitive environment is like trying to win the Indy 500 in a car with flat tires.

AgeVenture News recommended reading for business leaders.
READ the "Caring Company" report
AgeVenture News Service,

4. The New, Million-Dollar Boomer?
Harvard bio-engineers report landmark research that just might pave the way for a futuristic rejuvenation industry. The future product, new organs for old bodies. The scientists have successfully created mini-organs, called organoids, in the form of vital body parts, like the human kidney.

As you might expect from such extraordinary research projects, there are more than a few glitches to solve. One such glitch is the new organoids are extremely tiny. Second, these organoids are not yet capable of survival outside the laboratory.

The project is still in rudimentary stages. Yet, the discovery and it's future, far-off implications are sure to generate dynamic and vociferous debates in the communities of science, business, ethics and public opinion. So, stay tuned-in for more updates.
Read details of the research report online.
AgeVenture News Service,

5. The Quintessential Nutrient for Optimal Aging and Healthy Longevity
Water is the Rodney Dangerfield on anti-aging nutrients ... it gets No Respect. It's the essential and number one nutrient fostering good health and anti-aging. However, most anti-aging experts, including health and medical professions, rarely mention it, ignoring its life-enhancing value.

Below are just three of the many reasons why this statement is scientifically supported in the peer-reviewed research literature. Google it, and you'll see. It's enough to make you drink ... more water.

CELLULAR NEEDS Maintenance of intra-cellualar osmotic pressure ensures the flow of vital fluids and nutrients throughout the body moisturizing the skin, cushioning connective tissue, softens stooll, and allows for a variety of complex chemical interactions involved in the multitude of body functions.

COGNITION NEEDS The brain averages 70-80% water, and hydration ensures proper cognitive functions (memory, problem-solving, learning). For example, alcohol consumption, during afterwork Happy Hour, eventually dehydrates the brain, causing the next morning's what is hang-over. headaches triggered by dehydration.

BODY DETOX NEEDS Filtration of the body's blood, by the kidneys, helps removes toxics that are excreted via urination, that's why urine-color in well hydrated people is more clear than the darker/yellowish color of less hydrated people. Water is essential to this detox process.

NOW WHAT? Here's what to do to ensure optimal aging, each day should start with drinking water to hydrate your body.

HOW MUCH WATER DO I NEED? Forget about the one-size-fits-all adage. Humans come in all sizes, shapes and gender, requiring a more scientific approach to hydration. Determine your daily hydration needs by dividing your body weight (in pounds) by 2, which equals the number of ounces of water you need each day. For each 30-minutes of exercise, drink an additional 4-8 ounces of water.

WATER, YOU DRINKING? If not, you should be. That is, if you want to live a longer, more healthy life.

Are you a BOOMER, or a ZOOMER?
AgeVenture News Service,


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