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YOUTH'N UP Your life
Gerontologist Coins New Term, "ZOOMER"
Awesomely Ageless Boomers

Dr. David J. Demko, professor of gerontology and editor
copyright 1998, Library of Congress, ISSN 1088 5889
AgeVenture News Service 04-10-1998
Dr. Demko's ZOOMER
There's a totally new a kind of Boomer. One who breaks retirement tradition. Increased life-expectancy has transformed "Yesterday's Yuppie" into today's ZOOMER ... boomers with zip!

These new boomers are coloring outside the lines, zig-zaging and zoooooming toward a bright new horizon chock-full of possibilities for reinventing retirement and redefining what it means to be a mature adult in the new millennium.
Are you a BOOMER?
You are if your birthday falls between 1946 and 1964. That birth period defines you as one America's the Post-World-War-II Baby Boomers. However, birth dates alone don't tell you much about how a person thinks or acts. Not all Boomers think and act the same. Some Boomers are breaking new ground, re-defining aging and re-inventing retirement. That's why I coined the term ZOOMER to identify this trend-setting group of Boomers.

Are you a ZOOMER?
The answer is "yes", if you have achieved the nine longevity lifestyle traits in the operational definition below.
Zoomer Boomer defined
Dr. Demko's latest ZOOMER™ book, 5th in the series, reports on decade-long (1998-2008) research producing the Longevity Personality, traits that transform a Boomer into the author's trademark personality type, a ZOOMER™. Click on the image below to read a sample chapter @ Amazon Books.

ZOOMER BOOMER Dr. Demko reports that the proverbial Fountain of Youth is not a place, but a personality type called ZOOMER™.

You are a BOOMER if your birthday falls between 1946 and 1964. No other qualifications necessary.

ZOOMER™ status must is achieved by adopting what the author calls the traits of a ZOOMER™ lifestyle.

Join the Retirement Renaissance ... a bold, new brand of maturity ... advocating spirited, AgeVenturous® lifestyles.

Ask the author about ZOOMER news and trends: health and wellness, volunteerism, lifestyles, relationships, or retirement readiness:

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Photo credit: AgeVenture® Press