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The Road to Retirement is Best Traveled in Right Lane
Relocation Quiz for Boomer Empty-Nesters and Retired Half-Backers

Dr. David J. Demko, professor of gerontology and editor
AgeVenture News Service

Your road to retirement is best traveled in the right lane. Sure, "There's no place like home," but home is not just a geographical location ... home is where the heart is. And, boomer hearts are being lost to the luxury, convenience, and "no worries" lifestyle of active adult communities.

Everyone in the southern United States is familiar with the retiree "Snow Birds" who migrate South each winter to escape northern ice storms, snow banks, and the hostage-like, cabin-fever brought on by winter's isolation. Now days, a very different kind of migration trend is underway be a new kind of "bird" that I call "BG Birds" (Boomer Go-Birds)?

Increasing numbers of Boomers who are Empty Nesters considering their next step, to relocate or not to relocate. The majority of retirees do not relocate, 80 percent remain in their community. The remaining 20 percent consider moving on. To move, or not to move? What is the right step? Answer, there is no "one size fits all" right step. The decision depends on your unique needs. What needs? And, how do you assess those needs. Good question.

In order to help Boomers Go-Birds (empty-nesters) and Half-Backers (retired seniors relocating back home to be near their families) ponder their decisions, I developed a self-quiz to make sure you consider all the factors related to your decision to move or not to move. Take a look, assess your needs, and see what's right for you.

Read each statement, determine how many apply to you, then add-up the points assigned to each of your selections. The higher your score, the more likely you'll be one of those "BG-Birds" who "flew the coop" once they retire from their empty-nest.
  • 01. I enjoyed parenting, but I'm now looking forward to the next stage of my life. (3 points).
  • 02. I am emotionally prepared for my children to leave home. (1 points)
  • 03. The old wanderlust feelings of my "college days" are re-awakening in me. (2 points)
  • 04. My spouse and I feel more romantic now that we're "home alone" again. (1 points)
  • 05. Come to think of it, I've at least considered relocating once the kids are gone. (3 points)
  • 06. I've considered relocating to an active adult community with people my own age. (3 points)
  • 07. It's a real possibility that my adult children will more back home. (2 points)
  • 08. If my children ever did move back home, I feel it only fair they pay me rent. (2 points)
  • 09. By the time my kids leave, all child-related debt (tuition, loans) will be paid-off. (1 points)
  • 10. I expect my disposable income to increase once I become an empty-nester. (2 points)
00-04: start watching HG-TV for tips on remodeling your home to fit retirement needs.
05-07: start a "retirement living" reading program to explore your retirement options.
08-10: start touring communities which meet standards identified in your reading program.
Relax. The quiz is "just for fun."

Photo credit: AgeVenture News Service, Boca Raton, Florida.

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