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David J. Demko, PhD, Clinical Gerontologist, is a member of PLATFORM®
Demko How old are you? Nothing strikes more fear into the hearts of Baby Boomers than that seemingly innocent question. Except for those times when everyone finally stops bothering to ask, and just assumes the worst. Like the sales clerk in the optical outlet store who just assumes that you're looking for something in a bifocal lens.

That's it. Birthdays aren't anything to celebrate anymore. At least until you reach the ripe old age of 100. Then, you start bragging about your age. Like the old-timer who takes delight in asking every stranger to "guess my age".

If you're coming down with a bad case of Age Anxiety, here's some good news. Seventy-five percent of human aging can be self-regulated. But what exactly does one regulate? Granted, heredity plays a key role. But at least six lifestyle factors also regulate aging.
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