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Gen Xers Represent Best of American Values
AgeVenture News Service
Generation X The first glimpse into the hearts and minds of tomorrow's leaders paints a hopeful picture
of the generation who will transition into adulthood during the early part of the 21st century.
These college freshman, called "Generation 2001" because they constitute the first graduating
class of the new millennium, were the target of a national opinion survey.

The survey data, generated by Louis Harris & Associates for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Company, suggest that "parents", "family", "religion", and "generosity" are central to America's
next generation. When it comes to people they most respect and admire, moms and dads
come out on top. Honesty and integrity are the attributes cited most often as the
ones that make a difference to Generation 2001.

These students, says Deanna L. Tillisch, director of the Generation 2001 for Northwestern Mutual,
"appear to be alive with idealism, optimism and a vision of a better world". Hmmm. They sure
sound like children of baby boomers, don't they? Tillisch says that the students "realize that
it's probably going to take two incomes and long hours on-the-job to realize their dreams of
marriage, family, and lifestyle. Here's a brief run-down on this almost too-good-to-be-true generation.
  • 89% believe in God, and nearly 70% attend religious services.
  • 75% believe in life after death, and most say religion's a big part of life.
  • 90% agree that helping others is more important than helping oneself.
  • Many say if they won the lottery they'd help family pay debts.
  • 73% report having volunteered services to schools, charities, and church.
  • they identified America's education system as the nation's top priority.
  • 96% plan to marry at an average age of 26 years.
  • 91% hope to have children, with an average of three children desired.
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Photo credit: AgeVenture News Desk.