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"Nobody's Child Any More" ... boomer copes with parental loss
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Two years after author (photo left) Barbara Bartocci's father died, her feisty, 68-year-old mother became terminally ill with cancer. "I yearned to talk with her about her dying. I wanted to ask, "Are you frightened? Does God comfort you at all? Do you wonder how we will remember you?" But those were not questions my mother wanted to hear, says Bartocci, reflecting on her new book, "Nobody's Child Any More".

One night, though, without intending to, Barbara began to cry. Crankily, her Mom said, "For heaven's sake, Barbara, why are you blubbering?" "Because I'll miss you, Mom", Barbara blurted. "Is there anything special, a song or hymn, that you would like played at ... you know ... at your funeral?"

After a brief silence, Mom grumpily replied, "No dirges. Play something with a little oomph to it." Mom and daughter both laughed. "How peculiar and how wonderful it seemed," recalls Barbara, "that we could both laugh."

Bartocci taps the depths of her own experience with parental loss in order to pen her new book, "Nobody's Child Any More" (Sorin Books, October 2000, $11.95). The author has three earlier books to her credit on dealing with midlife, handling change, and surviving loss. In "Nobody's Child Any More", Bartocci offers Aging America's baby boomers a wealth of insights into coping with the inevitable loss of their aging parents.

The new book recounts the many issues that baby boomers face as they approach middle age. Then, the author dispenses a wealth of wisdom on those issues in an easy conversational tone, much like sharing thoughts with a trusted friend. Readers will find insights on the following themes. Bartocci is a popular motivational speaker who lectures frequently on spirituality and self-growth. In addition, the author is a freelance writer for Women's Day, Family Circle, McCall's, Good Housekeeping, and Readers Digest. In addition, Barbara's essays have appeared in several volumes in the Chicken Soup for Your Soul series.

"Nobody's Child Any More" is available in bookstores, or directly from the publisher, Sorin Books at: 1-800-282-1865 (8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST). "A wealth of spirit-lifting wisdom that readers will feel compelled to share with friends in need. Read it, and reap." AgeVenture News Service.

Photo credit: Sorin Books, Notre Dame, Indiana.
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