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09 - Changing Rhythms of Your Life is a free consumer guide designed for women experiencing symptoms of pre-menopause. 50 million women currently experience menopausal symptoms such as quirky periods and hot flashes. Now is the time for women aged 35-50 to get informed about future, potential episodes of moodiness, depression and anxiety. Receive your free guide by calling toll-free: 1-800-888-3115.
10 - Feel Nifty After 50 by Jo Peddicord is a book offering tips to help women stay young. The author de-emphasizes the passage of years, and calls the reader's attention to lifestyle changes that can slow and sometimes reverse the aging process by keeping mentally, physically, and socially active. Includes over twenty ways to beat the "late life" blues. 192 pages. 2000. $14.95. Golden Aspen Publishing, Denver, CO. In bookstores this May.
11 - Signals: an inspiring story of life after life by Joel Rothschild is a book about personal triumph over illness and loss. A helpful, insightful, and uplifting resource for those who are confronted with the challenges of death and dying. Readers learn the rules of communication that transcend cultural differences, diverse backgrounds, and the variety of personal philosophies about life and death. 168 pages. 2000. $17.95. New World Library, Novato, CA. 1-800-972-6657.
12 - Britain On Your Own: a guide for single mature travelers by Dorothy Maroncelli guides readers, town by town, through the byways of Britain. Detailed sections geared specifically for older solo travelers explain what to pack, how to stay healthy and safe, what British attractions qualify for senior discounts, and a checklist of what to do or arrange before you depart on vacation. 255 pages. 2000. $15.95. West Wind Books, Dundas, MN. 1-800-663-4430.

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