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YOUTH'N UP Your life
Welcome to Youth’n Up your life, the premier social network for ZOOMERS … boomers with zip. Founder, Dr. David J. Demko is a clinical gerontologist and U-Michigan doctoral grad with certifications in gerontology (UM), geriatric assessment (USF), and retirement planning (AARP). David’s trademarks and copyrights include: OPALS, AgeVenture News Service, SMART for Business, Death Calculator, Age-Audit, Aging Education Continuum, Zoomer, and Youth’n Up. .... View David's Bio.
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Age Quotes - Thoughts for the Day
People retire. Minds don't.

Retirement is more a state of mind
than a stage of life.

Any one dumb enough to believe he evolved
from an ape ... probably did.
Zoomer Nation in the news

ZOOMER creator, Dr. David J. Demko profiles ... Boomers with Zip ... as seen in Stop Acting Your Age, Start Living Your Life (2012) AgeVenture Press. ....
Zoomer - Barbara Waxman
ZOOMER profile
Travel to Wellness with Anne Dimon
ZOOMER profile
ZOOMERS are Boomers with Zip
Boomers, Zoomers & Beyond
Zoomer Hockey Moms
ZOOMER profile
Zoomer Michael Flynt
ZOOMER profile

Dr. Demko's DEATH CALCULATOR quiz ... predicts life-expectancy .... as reported by news networks in USA, Canada, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Australia.
As seen on CBS Evening News - Cleveland - West Palm Beach
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As seen on NBC Today Show
Dr. Demko
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AgeVenture and ZOOMER magazines have re-invented modern maturity ... replacing "Anti-Aging" with "Youth'n-Up" ... the preservation of youthful vim and vigor. ....
ZOOMER lifestyle magazine
AGEVENTURE longevity magazine

Samples of our feature stories and news coverage ... as seen in major magazines. ....
Here Come the ZOOMERS
Demko coins new term, Zoomers, to describe affluent boomers
Dr. Demko profiles J-Lo, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Garner
Marie Claire Magazine
The New Retirement
Readers Digest UK Edition
Cover Story: The Death Calculator
Active Retirement Lifestyles
Boomer Entrepreneurs

Samples of our feature stories and news coverage ... as seen in major news dailies. ....
AgeVenture's Demko - promoter of longevity
Fashion for Fifty-Plus
Sunday Times South Africa
India and Asia News
New Ways to Think About Aging
The Sydney Morning Herald
The New Generation Gap
Atlanta Journal Constitution Glory days for boomers
Chicago Tribune

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